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Updated: Aug 2

Mary Ellen Campagna will be signing her new Y/A novel, UNA, Queen of Trouble

on Tuesday, 9/20/22 at ... Eats Natural Foods located at:

708 N Main St # A, Blacksburg, VA 24060 from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. Refreshments will be served.


Una now has several new 2 sisters. Unalet P. Zipley, the older sister book, is now on Amazon in Kindle or paperback. Also, May Lin' s Repository: Poems, Prose and Short Fiction composed between 2000 and 2022 is now out on Amazon in both formats. Oh, I almost forgot the third sister! The Blue VelvetGlove, Mary Campagna's memoir, is now on Amazon in both formats.

Please Check Them Out!


Ms. Campagna's Memoir, The Blue Velvet Glove is now available on Amazon.

The Blue Velvet Glove is nearly 70,000 words of suspense, mystery and humor. The Memoir reads like suspense fiction but it’s totally authentic non-fiction. The title comes from a quote from the author's mother. Toward the end of her life she said, “Don’t worry about me; the real me is hidden deep down in a blue velvet glove where nothing can hurt me.” Those words would come to haunt the protagonist's life in some mysterious and profound ways.


She's International Boutique's charity for urban girls was recently able to take nine girls from Roanoke, Va to live theatre - thanks to donations of

Ms. Campagna's book: Una, Queen of Trouble.

All proceeds went to the charity.

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