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Linda Bostic Smith

Original works by the celebrated Artist for the novel UNA Queen of Trouble.

About Illustrator Linda Bostic Smith

By Pam Dudding-Burch Contributing writer, The New Castle Record, August 1, 2018

When it comes to creativity, some people possess a natural talent and then there are those who are genuinely gifted. Linda Bostic Smith is both. Over the years she has used her gift to create breathtaking drawings.

At age two, Smith started drawing. “I’ve always had an unquenchable thirst to create art driven from inspiration,” she said. “Even from a young age, requests from friends to create art drew me in.”

Charcoal and pastel drawings, as well as acrylic and oil paintings, are Smith’s favorites. She also enjoys some egg tempera. Her outside influences consist of P. Buckley Moss, Nadine Allen, Robert Tuckwiller, Darcy Meeker, Barbara Capps, Lyndall Mason and Lois Hinkle.

People and animals are a favorite of mine to create, especially portraits,” Smith said. However, I do love Appalachian montages and cowboy theme pieces.”

In sharing her story, Smith said that she lives in Elliston, Virginia, in a “humble log cabin” that she helped build with Larry, her late husband. Most of her artwork is created in her studio.

Linda’s has always believed that it’s important for artists to share their work. In 1989, when her son Luke was a kindergarten student at Lafayette Elementary School, she started, “I volunteered teaching portrait art using ‘Gus’ from the Lonesome Dove mini-series; ...I invited Robert Duvall to our school for a Lonesome Dove day, and he agreed and generously spent the day at the school,” she said.

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